The start of the Playoffs marks the end of a grueling 4 months of certifications, practices, scrimmages and regular season games and the start of 6 long weeks of "Win or go home" games.

The playoffs are a statewide structure whereby teams from all over TYFA face off in a “High School like” format.  

Organizations, volunteers, parents and athletes must be prepared for long days, possible long trips to other cities, the expense of travel and overnight stays and some of the coldest weather of the year.

To put this into perspective:

Texas is 266,874 square miles, roughly more than 10,000 square miles larger than the 15 smallest US States COMBINED.  TYFA membership covers nearly 50% of that area with the longest trek being El Paso to Port Isabel at 845 miles.

As can be imagined, the logistics are quit daunting. Organizations, volunteers and parents must take into consideration at all time the “Big Picture”. Decisions cannot and will not be made for those who complain and care only about their own situation.  TYFA must look at the overall picture of what is the “Greater Good” and what “hurts the least” when making decisions on game sites and schedules.