The Oracle Method Algorithm

In order to ensure a fair playoff system, TYFA utilizes "The Oracle Method" when determining who makes the playoffs and their seeding.

The system takes the W-L-T records that are in the game center and runs it through a 20 page algebraic formula 2000 times. POINTS scored and given up are IGNORED.  A team's standings are NOT increased or decreased when a score is "run-up" or a team is "blown-out".

The Algorithm gives teams points for wins.  It then evaluates the teams and gives more points for a win against a strong opponent.

So if Team A is 6-1 and beats a 6-1, they get x amount of additional points. But if Team A is 6-1 and they beat a 1-6, there aren't any extra points.

With any mathematical equation, any situation, even with this advanced method, ALL THINGS COULD STILL BE THE SAME (a tie). To help avoid that, the system adjusts points based on WHEN you win during the season.  So beating weak teams late in the season doesn't help as much as if your schedule was tough at the end.

So for example, the system will start out with a .000125 for a win in week 2 and then increase the points you "earn" on week 3, week 4 etc. Essentially, a team that wins as the season progresses earns more points with this system.


Same winning percentage, different chapters so no head-to-head.  SOS broke the tie.

  1. Team A        8-0    1.000    SOS = 8.94000000
  2. Team B        8-0    1.000    SOS = 8.86552420
  3. Team C        8-0    1.000    SOS = 8.28464272



It is inevitable, we've heard it before. Biased coaches will start to complain that their 6-2 record for example is bettter than a 6-2 record from another chapter.  TYFA is 7 Chapters.  None of the Chapters will be given a historical adjustment to their SOS because of where they come from. Everyone is equal.  If a team thinks they are better; their team will have the opportunity to prove their superior abilities on the field.