The Spring season is not as competitive as the Fall season as it is meant more for training athletes and preparing them for the Fall. 


  • The Spring season is "Team" based meaning just one age bracket can be brought in or multiples of the same age bracket etc.
  • In the Spring teams do not have to be a TYFA member.  Teams from all leagues are welcome to play.


  • Eligibility is determined as of 8/1/current year.  We play forward, not backward.  We get the athletes ready for the upcoming season, not another shot at keeping the older athletes back. 


  • In the Spring there are 6 regular season games and a Bowl weekend.
  • The games last a maximum of 85 minutes.  
  • Teams do not participate as Division 1 or 2 but rather play together.
  • There may be travel between a major city and the surrounding towns. Gate fees may be charged. And games may be played on Sundays!