When our athletes excel academically, it is vital that they be recognized and given the opportunity to serve as positive role models in their community. Through their stellar academic accomplishments, they are able to encourage others to aspire to the same level of excellence away from the football field.

The TYFA “Scholastic Excellence Award Program” is a prestigious awards program which recognizes and honors academic excellence in the classroom. This program bestows recognition, certificates and cash awards to highly qualified applicants on an annual basis.


There are four (4) awards within the program.

  • "All TYFA" Scholastic Excellence Award - 1 winner per year
  • "Shawn Anthony Richardson" Scholastic Excellence Award - 10 winners per year
  • "All TYFA" Scholastic Achievement Award - numerous per year
  • "A Honor Roll" Scholastic Achievement Award - numerous per year


The policy with the requirements is lengthy and specific.  It is provider here for parent and organization download.  


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